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“The Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race 2007” by Steve Gardner The long awaited Book of the Blog ...
IS NOW AVAILABLE In hardback with full colour photographs throughout

The Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race 2007

“Steve Gardner’s well illustrated and amusingly down to earth account of their remarkable feat will be a source of inspiration to rowing enthusiasts and anyone who has a taste for adventure.”

A Real, honest to goodness True Life Adventure, of how one ordinary Pink Plastic Pig, one ordinary nocturnal Mid Atlantic Black Bag Gorilla and two ordinary blokes with oars, attempted to row in “The World’s Toughest Rowing Race”, a three thousand mile race across The Atlantic Ocean, in “The Reason Why” under the watchful eye of The Grinning Turk, and became extraordinary.
“You’ll be glued to it . . . like I was!” – Droops the Watch Pig
“I think it’s full of rubbish…like I was!” – Gus the Nocturnal Mid Atlantic Black Bag Gorilla
“A tale as free as a sea breeze . . . like I was . . . till I crashed into them!” – Pete the Petrel.

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Now 20,000 Cornishmen will know:-

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