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Congratulations to Ben and Orlando (Go Commando) and Paul and Steve (The Reason Why) who made it to Antigua overnight. Hope to see you all back in the UK if we miss you in Antigua.  Lin and Rachel - 'Barbara Ivy'

We would like to pass on our congratulations to the green flag of Devon aka 'Go Commando' and the black flag of Cornwall aka 'The Reason Why', who after a very close run in would have finished by the time you read this.  "Enjy the moment lads, you deserve it".  Justin, Mark, Andy, Nick - 'Mission Atlantic'

Go Commando & The Reason Why - Congratulations on reaching Antigua. Hope to join you in a week for a few beers. Scott & Neil - 'Ocean Summit'

To The Reason Why: Muy bien! Great effort, hope you are still speaking- expect the boat interior looks a bit like seŮor Mungles original 4x4.  On top of a 33 pole in a strong wind will be childs play now!  If you intend to row back let me know & we will meet you in La Gomera, if not see you in August- regards to the usual suspects, Adios amigos, safe trip home. Tony Evans, Tenerife

The Reason Why, Well done Paul & Steve - an absolutely impressive performance. We have been following your progress with ever greater interest as your voyage progressed. The members are still convinced though that sailing is quicker! Penzance Sailing Club, Terry Marks

Steve and Paul - The Reason Why, congratulations on a tremendous effort, hopefully by now you both have undertaken a well earned and deserved cold beer. I trust the land isn't going up and too much and causing spillage. Once again well done.Ken & Jacky Moore

Well done Go Commando and Reason Why, you did it!! Enjoy your time in Antigua eating and drinking, you deserve it. Glesni Jones

Respect! Well done Steve & Paul "THE REASON WHY" we've all been following yer in the Scilly Isles, that be a another "special sandwich & milk shake" then! Chris & Jim.   JIM LYDDON

Paul and Steve, well done, glad you missed the trip hazard, see you soon  Chris Barrett

Paul & Steve.Congratulations from the Glasson clan!! Fantastic achievement! Enjoy the stability of the land for a few hours then go get your sea legs back in the bar!! Congrats to Go Commando for finishing as well. See you soon. D.M.  Rich Glasson

Paul & Steve. Not far now, arrived at Chivy Roundabout! Just down the by-pass to go! Hope all goes well in the last few miles. Just watch going down the big dipper. D.M.  Rich Glasson

Dear Steve & Paul, You guys are amazing!! This has got to be the most anyone has achieved in the family we salute you both and pray for a safe landing in Antigua. Congratulations you have done so well love always Alan & Fiona xxx

Paul & Steve. Only(!?) 80ish miles to go! I don't want to depress you guys but isn't that like the distance from Hayle to Torquay? Never mind, it could be quicker to row 'cause the A38 has been crawling this week!! Watching the dot all the way. All the best. Dickie M  Rich Glasson

Paul and Steve, The Reason Why: Ok guys, we've had enough chewing on our fingernails back here in Cornwall and everyone is willing you on to drop Go Commando once and for all. Its time you started rowing now!! Less than 48hrs left and it will all be over and the beer-drinking can begin. After such a great race between both boats, it's a shame someone has to win - perhaps you could link oars and cross the finishing line together!!! Anyway, keep rowing and enjoy a well deserved rest in Antigua. Nobody can deny what a huge achievement you two guys have made whilst raising money for Cornwall Hospice Care. Not bad for a couple of 'beastly old gits' with a combined age of 97 years!!  Zennor Gig Club

Paul & Steve. Not far now! Well done. Beat Go Commando & you make the West Briton...Lose & you might make the Penwith Pirate! Shall I ask Dorian to see if there is a gel pad on S.H.O.P.S. for the office chair? Might have to raise a sanction. Dickie Mint Rich Glasson

Steve and Paul you are doing a proper job, you have that Devon flag in front of you, I think it's the Black and White flags turn to be in front. Both boats have me watching every chance I get just to see who has the lead.Kernow Bys Vyken

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...I bet you dont come fourth in the boat race in the bar...ICE COLD IN ANTIGUA SO KEEP IT GOING AND GOOD LUCK...Andrew Turner

ToThe Reason Why(42)Hola guys, Keep at those pesky marines- I should have sent you some rum with the starrygazy pie & pasties. Paul, just remember that every stroke gets you nearer to the next team meeting!Great effort, stay safe, Adios amigos, Tony Evans Tenerife Tony Evans

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why. I hope your laptop battery is hanging on thats what you get from a cheap voltage inverter, anyway looks like your in for a toss of the coin or a photo finish no doubt there will be room on the podium for two thirds.All that matters now is you crossed safely and the bar is open...ICE COLD IN ANTIGUA YOU BEAUTIES. Andrew Turner

Paul, Steve, the Reason Why. Keep on working. You are not very far from finishing. Hope you feel very accomplished.Land Lubber .

The Reason Why. Go, Go, Go. Not too far from the finish. Your reward of a warm bed and good food is not far off. USA Race Watcher .

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Looks like your feeling like racing again,theres life in the old sea dogs yet.  KEEP IT GOING AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

The Reason Why - thanks for the great blog and inspiring poetry. John Eliastam

Steve and Paul, keep the flag flying, y ou have the Devon flag in your sights,  the Duchy is just shouting for you now.  No Fear, The Reason Why and Go Commando: you are doing the West Country proud.Kernow Bys Vyken

Hi Uncle Paul and Steve, Still doing really well, your only 3 miles behind the Go Commando boat according to the website so get your oars going and kick their asses to the finish!!! Am back at uni now so am busy watching This Morning and Trisha!!! Safe rowing, see you soon. Love Nicola Harris xxx

'No Fear' Congratulations Nick and Jon, dry land at last and what a finish. Time to give the other Cornish entry, 'The Reason Why', our support for a final push to the line, come on Steve and Paul, nearly back on level terms, all of Cornwall is watching and willing you on.  Peter Hadley

Paul & Steve (The Reason Why). Passed the 300 mile barrier. Not far to go now! Well, if you say 291 miles to go very quickly it won't seem far..will it? It's absolutly fantastic what you've achieved so far, but just to give you the nod, I think everyone is catching up 'cause they know that if they leave it too long before they hit Antigua you will have drunk the place dry!! Keep it up, doing great. By the way, congratulations to Pura Vida!! Must be proud as punch! At least you won't have to push past these two to get to the bar! Dickie Mint Richard Glasson

Steve and Paul - The Reason Why, dig in boys, time to call on Trelawney to help you mount a counter attack on Go Commando after their sneaky night pass. To all other rowers, well done, it's fascinating to follow you all. A safe journey to English Harbour. Ken and Jacky Moore

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why. The bar will soon be open and every stroke is a bit nearer..KEEP IT GOING AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

Nick and John, Steve and Paul, Give um 'ell Boys. Kernow Bys Vyken

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why. I should imagine you're quite glad you're into the final stretch,with the best of your food probably gone and the make your own water novelty well warn thin. You're probably looking forward to a real shower, real bed, real beer and real food.  WONT BE LONG, KEEP IT GOING, GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Steve & Paul, You can almost hear them calling you - 'Come in No.42' not far now. Its been fascinating watching that dot move across our screen, will be sad when its all over. We take our bobble hats off to you guys, for what you have achieved. Hope you've kept your plane tickets nice n dry, now go and party. Gill & Tim Acott

Paul and Steve on THE REASON WHY: you two may be the oldest men in this race but even your fellow giggers have to admit that you're doing pretty well for a couple of old beastly gits in a Bear Pit! Enjoy the run-in to Antigua and see you when you get back to Penzance where Senara is awaiting winter maintenance! Zennor Gig Club

Yours is not to REASON WHY, Yours is to do or die, But I bet the next time you go to Antigua, You'll b***** well fly!!! Great to see you're well passed the 500 mile to go barrier. Doing great! If you're wondering why the sea level has dropped a few inches it's 'cause it home here in Cornwall!! We've had the odd spot of rain! Dickie Mint Rich Glasson

Paul & Steve, you have finally shook of the challenge of the powerful marines. It is looking like the positions are as you stand (or sit)now. 6th would have been great,5th will be fantastic, but to finish is out of this world. Donít let it slip now and keep on course to the end of a fantastic journey and something you will probably never forget! All the best, Brian Sullivan

To Paul and Steve on The Reason wont be long now and it will all be a memory so you may as well dig in for the last week after all the quicker your there the more hols you get.. FAIR WINDS AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...great effort your making real progress now and closing them down. It must be the smell of the beer KEEP GOING AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

Hey Steve & Paul, you guys are really flying!! only 500 miles left what an achievement.  so proud.. your natural winners! keep going love Alan & Fiona xxx

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...your holding them off and preserving your third place, keep dig in and it wont be long before your presented with two ice cold ones in Antigua. NO SLACKING NOW GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...your nearing the 500 mile to go mark and holding your position, it wont be long before your holding that ice cold beer and laughing at the bar.  HEEV ON AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why. If your aiming to stay third in your class its time to dig deeper, think positive and stay on course. GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To The Reason Why- Going great guys! Must be looking forward to dry stable land. On the hotel front, the Tourist board has said that all rooms with a view of a back yard with scabby cats & dogs are all fully booked!! Only sea views left. Sea water can & will be delivered to rooms free of charge but there will be a small charge to pay for someone to throw that seawater over you every 2 mins. You will be allowed to fish if your room has a balcony but any damage to curtains will be chargeable. You will also be reminded when emptying buckets (old habits!) out of windows please be considerate to other people and shout LOOK UP!!! This works better if you aren't staying on the ground floor (or is it deck?) Hope you won't be disappointed with your rooms. Happy rowing. relieving Paul a boating term?? Dickie Mint Richard Glasson

To Paul and Steve on The Reason your latest blog you mentioned a list things not required when you arrive in Antigua. You really need to be the first to English harbour to get first choice but donít worry to much after all if the beer runs out you can always drink the fresh ballast water you brought with you and sleep on the boat.. no problem. KEEP IT GOING AND GOOD LUCK Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...if you can find something special over the next week you can win this race, dig deep chaps and the rewards will come.GOOD LUCK Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Youíre still hanging in there and catching the leaders now so keep it going and maybe just maybe there could be one hell of a finish. GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Your making progress and you have started to reel them in KEEP IT GOING AND GOOD LUCK.Andrew Turner

Being one of the people behind the scenes who have put the ARR2007 web site together I have been watching with interest and total admiration the effort that is being put in by so many individuals to achieve personal goals and ambitions whilst hopefully raising a shed load of money for their respective charities and good causes. Each and every one of you deserves an enormous pat on the back, hug from your families and loved ones when you reach dry land and above all an enormous thank you from all people whose lives you will no doubt be effecting with your fund raising efforts. Well done to each and every one of you on what you have achieved so far and may God speed and fair winds take you all back safely to dry land where I am sure you will all say never again ... well not until the next time anyway :) Russ Murch

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...the race is on now so keep it going and GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Well your holding your position well all you need now is a bit of inspirational rowing and some good luck. KEEP GOING. Andrew Turner

Hi Uncle Paul and Steve, I've just got back from Austria been skiing for a week over the New Year, Glad to see your still doing really well and well past the half way mark !! Dad tried to ring a few times at Christmas but couldn't get through will keep trying !, anyway safe rowing see you soon Love Nic Harris xxx

Hi Paul & Steve, Doing a brill job you two. Glad to see that you are well past the half way mark. Hope the rear end holds out. Take care & Best of good luck. Regards from John Martin. ex sweb fitting shop

To 'The Reason Why' - Hi guys Ė your trip is inspirational so much so that Charmaine and myself are off on our own personal challenge tomorrow - Mauritius - I know it's going to be tough - we have two bags and a surfboard to negotiate through that maelstrom known as Terminal 4 - with only a Pina Colada on the beach as an incentive. Thinking of you take care, good luck Steve Coram

Paul & Steve (The Reason Why). Glad to see your on the way home! Must be quite a boost to get way passed the halfway mark. Keep it up.....oh, don't forget to prepare before you repair 'cause it would be a shame to get this far & then it all falls apart!! Ouch! Dickie Mint Richard Glasson

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Donít get the beards tangled in the sliding seat but keep rowing hard. GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Pasties for Tea, fancy one do ee...Andrew Turner

Hi Steve & Paul, you guys are doing so well, we are so proud of you and proud to tell everyone what my brother is doing for charity. love u loads Alan & Fiona xxx

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...donít forget ICE COLD IN ANTIGUA keep it going dig deep and try to hold off those English. GOOD LUCK. .Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Lookout for those sailor chaps from Devon creeping up on your port side you cant trust these English soldier/sailor types. GOOD LUCK KEEP IT UP.. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Right now your catching the opposition again and everything is looking good for a grandstand finish. So I guess your minds are on the next great adventure maybe the Indian ocean or Pacific after all I can only imagine your both as fresh as a daisy, anyway to the job in hand it looks like your reeling in the boys from Fowey and the springboks arenít having it all their own way, but keep one eye on them they could have a Aussie judge at the finish checking your water ballast. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP GOING .Andrew Turner

All you rowers are awesome! Live your dream . . . may you have strength and good winds/weather - Happy New year! (from an outrigger paddler in Canada)peggy budd

Paul and Steve.....R.O.B's doing fantastic! That's a big compliment to see u through to the finish line. Happy new year, rowing yourselves and all of us proud! LOL see u soon xx Lichie and Jer Jenkin

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...The first day of 2008 and if its a podium place in your sights well nowís the time to dig deep. I can only imagine how you ache and how difficult it must be for you both to rest ..BUT YOU GOT TO KEEP GOING SO GOOD LUCK AND UP AND AFTER EM.. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Your still in a good position with halfway looming. Keep it going and chase the others down..  OOD LUCK AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Andrew Turner

Yo Paul (The Reason Why).Can now see why you've always been clean shaven. That slight Ginge Tinge could be The Reason Why!! Donít worry too much about it 'cos the grey bit on your chin will soon reach your ears!! Doing well. Keep it up guys. Dickie Mint  Richard Glasson

Paul & Steve. Good tactic guys, to row in the slipstream of Pura Vida. Only 100 miles behind them. That's nothing!! Reel 'em in! Nearly half way too. Keep it going fellas. Building to a fantastic second half all the way to Antigua. Know you'll stay strong all the way. Well done Adrian Rutter

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...There were to boys from Fowey who slipped past the reason why, the reason for this was a day on the P--s and some youths beating treachery once more..Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Well the 76 miles on boxing day set you up quite well if you can capitalise on that then you will be in a good position by the halfway mark. If it takes Champagne ,Rum and port to get the best out of you two then maybe the next time a ship is passing perhaps they could supply some more. Keep it up because I think you got the better of the springboks.. GOOD LUCK.. Andrew Turner

Congratulations chaps you are doing so well.. love the beards!! Keep going your winners!! Love & Happy 2008 Alan & Fiona xxx

Good luck Paul& Steve, From your Brummie cousins Val @ John Rendell

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Unfortunately computers and websites arenít as reliable as a pair of oars so the information has been a bit sketchy for a day or two, but your still looking good and catching those leaders so keep it up and GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Right holidays over back to business start chasing those springboks. Just think of those ice cold ones in Antigua. GOOD WINDS AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

Hi Paul & Steve on The Reason Why. I knew you didn't like the build up to Christmas but surely what you're doing is a bit extreme!! Doing great guys. Paul, your new landrover could be waiting for you at the other end. Have a good holiday!?! Richard Glasson

Paul and Steve - just got up with a hangover - and thought that I would wish you both a merry Christmas - Any plans for the day? Seasons greetings to you and all the teams Steve and all at Cycle Logic Steve Coram

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Time 00:58 Merry Christmas chaps, try to enjoy your Christmas day being tossed about and take time out for a Christmas drink and of course the obligatory turkey dinner or even wolf fish etc .Ill be having a pint for you guys at lunch time and raising a glass to you both and of course ill wear the reason why TEE shirt in solidarity...SO GOOD LUCK AND REMEMBER DONT TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE OPPOSITION. Andrew Turner

Steve and Paul aboard The Reason Why. Happy Christmas you old sea dogs. Weíre all keeping up with your progress here in wet Atherstone, and wish you both good rowing, write you in the new year all our love Adele Simon Ben and Josh Penrose

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...its good to hear your keeping up with Christmas tradition and your both growing beards especially for Christmas day. Ill send a garden shears over to Antigua with dawn. KEEP IT GOING AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

Hi Steve & Paul, God bless you richly this Christmas and a Happy New Year too!!! You are doing great we are all behind you (literally) Enjoy your freeze-dried turkey and Christmas pudding bar! Love you loads keep it up Alan & Fiona at Trelowarren.

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Keep battling your getting there. Keep an eye on other shipping, the Sea, sharks, kamikaze  birds, flying fish but most of all the springboks.. STAY WITH THEM GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

The Reason Why, There must be lots of readers thinking about your name and how it you chose it, To understand why you chose it you must be Cornish and one of twenty thousand. You must have had in your trusty hand a sword and have been involved with King James army, You must have crossed the Tamar and the on to the Severn which could not hold you back ,If anybody understand that they will know THE REASON WHY, ,Keep going Paul and Steve your making great progress. Brian Sullivan

Hi Steve and Paul been following your progress you are doing really good keep up the good work we will be thinking of you when we tuck into our Christmas dinner will be watching you every step of the way good luck Lynne and Steve Witham Essex

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...I couldnít leave a message yesterday the internet was down and I wasnít 100% due to the odd pint of Guinness. Anyway looks like your hanging in there and your not letting those springboks get away from you KEEP IT UP AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To: The Reason Why Merry Christmas Steve and Paul. Well done from everyone at Penzance Sailing Club and keep up the good work. Hope the weather is good for you over the festive season. Penzance Sailing Club

The Reason Why - Hi Uncle Paul and Steve your doing very well keep it up! hope your not aching too much !! See you soon lots of love Nic Harris xx

Hi Chaps, good to see you back in 2nd place!! Enjoy the stars tonight we are off to see the Xmas lights its freezing cold here!! Keep going. .love Alan & Fiona xx

Hi Steve & Paul, looks like the race is on!! 'Keep them doggies moving raw hide' or is it RAW-BUM? You're doing great guys keep it up!! Love and support Alan & Fiona xx

All rowers.. brilliant well done...keep mentally strong! We are sending your shipping cradles out soon to Antigua for your arrival !Dig deep YOU CAN DO IT.. Andrew and team@ Pa Freight

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Stop cuddling Pendovey Swift and chase those South Africans. I didnít think cheetahs liked the water. HAPPY SCRUBING AND GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...its good to know your managing your aches and pains keep taking the tablets just remember to save two for when you finally manage to stand up and walk to that bar for the ice cold Carlsberg. KEEP IT GOING YOUR LOOKING BACK ON COURSE.GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

To The Reason Why - wishing you all the best in your epic voyage. You might think of contacting the Moomintrolls to sort out the night light situation. Sandy Hill Physical Therapy

The Reason Why - Hard to imagine that when we sleep - you are rowing and when we wake you are rowing , and giving it beans - just want you both to know that we are following your progress with awe and amazement - stay steady - eat well - no cannibalism. Steve Coram

Paul and Steve on The Reason Why....lets not lose to South Africa again. Keep it going if you can try to stay with them, good luck. Andrew Turner

Reason Why. Paul & Steve doing excellent who would of thought 2nd place at the moment, long way to go but hey you could win this, Still waiting for my postcard to arrive thought you might of trained pete the petrel to do air mail by now .be strong god speed. T.W.A.T.S (on tour) Robbie Whitney

To The Reason Why - Doing good keep on doing what youíre doing its obviously working  Donít worry about missing your Xmas drinks Iím having yours!! Every ones following your progress and thinking about you both God speed see you soon. Keith Harris

To Paul and Steve...well chaps this is the day that matters you got to try to reel in that boat in first position...great effort so far, keep it going and good luck. Andrew Turner

To Steve & Paul on " The Reason Why" Since the problems in Sudan with the Teddy named Mohamed, Sooty has cancelled his tour of Jamaica! You are an inspiration! Paul & Jacs Loudones

Steve and Paul, two weeks gone and going from strength to strength ,great. missing you lots Chris G xxx

Keep digging and there is gold under those waves...FIRST place tomorrow Brilliant. Andrew Turner

Hi Uncle Paul and Steve, Am watching your progress daily, you're doing really well and we are all very proud of you! Take care lots of love Nic, Rob, Jen and Terry xx

Hi Paul & Steve. Glad you are doing well .David & I are keeping tabs on your progress. Good luck. Love Kay

Hi been to bucket, went with ? and returned with the same, all ok , your ears must be burning, lots of love from all The Bucket Dawn Harris

Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Good slightly north second position looks like its working for you, keep the pressure on its getting tight in the front of the race. I reckon they ought to have this class of boat for the world championships in Scilly WHO KNOWS YOU COULD EVEN WIN. Keep it going and good luck. Andrew Turner

Hi Steve & Paul, you are going from strength 2 strength excellent progress what a race!! Keep going love Alan & Fiona Gardner xx

Paul and Steve on The Reason Why.2nd place is only four miles away you are reeling them in keep it up REMEMBER ICE COLD IN ANTIGUA Andrew Turner

To Steve & Paul on "The Reason Why" - Fantastic progress, feel humble every day after using the Concept II for 20 mins @ Gym. Paul Loudon

Steve and Paul, I'm not sure if it sounds fun, hell, or complete madness. Your a big talking point at the moment and we're really enjoying keeping an eye on your progress. Hopefully will see you in Antigua. Keep up the good rowing, keep safe, Adele, Simon Ben and Josh Penrose

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Good rowing, good pressure, and a good 3rd position. Keep it up JUST THINK OF THE ICE COLD ONE ON THE BAR IN ENGLISH HARBOUR. Andrew Turner

Steve & Paul on The Reason Why, Go for it chaps your nearly in 4th!! Watching your progress with interest.. love u loads. Howís the beard coming on? Alan & Fiona xx

Hi Paul & Steve (the reason why) Watching your progress, well done keep it up. Dig deep and keep it going we are all proud of you. Good luck Uncle Grumpy!! Love Jen Terry and Nic xx

Hi Paul and Steve (The Reason Why) here's wishing you both all the best. Hope you enjoy your row and reach your dreams. good luck and have a safe journey. Kevin And Pearl

Steve & Paul, Keeping a keen eye on your progress. Watch out for the mermaids! Very best of luck, I'm proud to know you .Colin Shepherd

To Paul and Steve on The Reason Why...Remember this is a rowing race your falling in to 5th place keep the pressure on lads this is very important at this stage. podium or no? GOOD LUCK. Andrew Turner

The Reason Why - Fantastic effort Paul and Steve - you guys are on the boil - we are all willing you on. Go Cornwall. Steve Coram and all at Cycle Logic

Steve and Paul - The Reason Why - How's the udder cream?! love from the Finch family

Steve & Paul The Reason Why, Thinking of you both best of luck. Robbie & Family

Hi chaps, We are both thinking about you and praying for you. Have a great Journey on the Reason Why. love Alan & Fiona xx

Paul & Steve-The Reason Why. Good luck- remember each mile gets you further away from D.J.T.! Adios, Tony Evans, Los Gigantes Tenerife.

Paul and Steve on 'The Reason Why' good luck, thinking of you best wishes and safe passage to all teams from all at  CycleLogic

To Paul and Steve in 'The Reason Why'. Good luck and happy rowing from all your friends in Zennor Gig Club


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